The official conference of the
International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences


Indoor climate is increasingly recognized as extremely important to the health and well-being of people around the world. We spend most of our lives indoors where we are often exposed to higher levels of many air pollutants than outdoors. Indoor thermal, acoustic, and lighting conditions can also affect health and well being.


Since 1978, the triennial international indoor air conference series has brought together people representing a wide range of disciplines, all working to understand and solve problems and identify opportunities associated with indoor environmental quality and climate. Although researchers and practitioners from almost any background can make a contribution, it is the dynamic mixture of those contributions that will make the difference between success and failure in improving the indoor environment.


Indoor Air 2002 has continued the multidisciplinary approach taken by earlier conferences in this series. Indoor Air 2002 also continued another important tradition: by aiming for high scientific standards so that the presentations and papers represent a reliable resource for scientists, practitioners, and regulatory authorities for years to come.


Indoor Air 2002 is valuable for many more than those who came to present their work in technical sessions and poster presentations: It has been a great opportunity to learn of the latest developments in the field and the directions and needs for further understanding of the indoor air sciences.


Indoor Air is the largest multidisciplinary international conference series in the field of indoor air sciences. Past conferences have typically attracted about 1000 delegates plus exhibitors and accompanying persons. A total of 726 papers and nearly 1,100 participants have taken part in Indoor Air 2002. With this high level of interest, the conference has been a highly productive week of activity for the great many people and organizations involved in research, technological development, building operation and maintenance, regulation and all activities that influence the indoor environment.


The Proceedings of Indoor Air 2002, available on CD, will substantially increase your understanding of the state of knowledge, help you to build partnerships, enhance the quality of future research, and provide a stronger scientific foundation for efforts to improve the indoor environment. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I invite you to take advantage of the tremendous resource represented by the Proceedings of Indoor Air 2002. The Proceedings are available for $25 USD, shipping included. Please E-mail to order a copy of the Proceedings.


Previous Indoor Air 'xx Conferences

 1978 Copenhagen, Denmark

 1981 Amherst, Massachusetts

 1984 Stockholm, Sweden

 1987 Berlin, Germany

 1990 Toronto, Canada

 1993 Helsinki, Finland

 1996 Nagoya, Japan

 1999 Edinburgh, Scotland

 2005 Beijing, China

 2008 Copenhagen, Denmark

 2011 Austin, Texas

 2014 Hong Kong

 2016 Ghent, Belgium